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Best Tips And Ideas For Writing A Research Paper: The Adidas Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is always something that you must expect that you will be asked to work on in the event that you are taking up a business course. Apart from that, you will also be asked at some point to deliver a sound business plan. These two things go hand in hand and as long as you are in this class, it helps to make sure that you are aware of this fact, and you realize how incredible an idea this is.

You will not only be asked to prepare such plans, but when your teacher believes that you have perhaps come of age, they will ask you to write one for a multinational like Adidas. This is where things can get rather tricky, being asked to draw up a plan for perhaps one of the largest entities in the world. The challenge here is where to start, how to proceed and of course lots of students worry about whether or not they will be able to deliver a really incredible marketing plan. Your teacher is not looking to present your paper to Adidas for consideration or something, they are just trying to help you learn to rise up to the occasion and do something big every once in a while. This is what being a proactive student is about. You need to think big, think outside the box so to say, and be willing to tackle some of the bigger issues.

For this particular paper, the most important thing that you need to understand is the basic structure of the marketing plan. Let not the name of Adidas fool or scare you into oblivion, because by the end of the day, it is just a name, and you are only looking for marks. Therefore do not be scared because it is a big name that you are writing about.

In as far as the structure is concerned, for a marketing plan your teacher will simply skim through your paper and look for some key features, or sections that have to be addressed. Case in point, you cannot present a marketing plan without having a SWOT analysis section. That is close to impossible, and without that, you will certainly fail. This plan must also have some tangible evidence such as reports, graphs, charts and statistics on the competition such as Nike.

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