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Creating a Marketing Term Paper: Ten Interesting Ideas for College

Modern issues of concern among marketers include the effect of marketing strategies on business. Whether a company is engaged in local or international business, the success of sales depends on how well they market the products. Here are ten ideas to consider when writing a marketing term paper.

  1. Focus on topics in modern marketing strategies: The academia is not only concerned with exploring the various types of strategies, but also is it concerned with comparing the related models to determine which is more effective.
  2. Marketing theories: Developing marketing term papers relies on research on the issues selected. To a larger extent, research and term paper writing is guided by theories. In this case, students will consider theories of marketing discussed by other authors.
  3. Use of previous literature: Many researchers and experts have dwelt on exploring various matters/topics in marketing and students must consider their literature in writing term papers. For instance, if the paper is about impact of environmental issues on global marketing, the writer looks at what others have found out while carrying out previous studies on the subject. Considering this literature helps to avoid repetitive research work.
  4. New research topics: College examiners and tutors will require that a term paper explores issues that have either been discussed in previous research, but it is also worth/important to consider going beyond this, venturing into completely new topics. However, discussions in these new topics should be backed by evidence from previous or more current studies.
  5. Use of primary verses secondary data sources: Writing these assignments will, however, not require the writer to extensively utilize primary data collection methods. Therefore, these papers are considered theoretical in that even data collection relies on secondary methods.
  6. Use of case studies: Assignments that seek to investigate case studies need to contain facts about the company in question. Students will dwell on finding out marketing challenges that specified companies faced and how they eventually overcame these challenges.
  7. Companies and their clients: Many companies post client-based testimonials about how a given firm helped them overcome challenges. An example is implementation of marketing technologies. These case studies can be considered by students when discussing such topics as the impacts of technology on modern marketing.
  8. Companies and their staff: Marketing topics can also dwell on effectiveness of marketing teams and marketing administration.
  9. Online resources: Online resources can be helpful whether the writer wants to do original interviews or simply source out for secondary data and information. Online interviews and sampling can be fast and cost-effective compared to traditional methods of interviewing and sampling. In addition, finding out online books on marketing can be cost effective than buying printed copies from the book store.
  10. Experienced market researchers: These usually provide detailed case studies and papers on real markets and market issues. These can provide guidelines to students in regard to what topics to work on and the pitch to adopt in writing the paper in order to convince readers.

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