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How To Compose A Winning Term Paper About The Ebola Virus

One of the major assignments that you will be asked to write in school is a term paper. Since the Ebola virus is such a relevant topic these days, it is a great topic to write your paper on. It is very important to compose a winning term paper so that you can get a good grade and write a paper that you are proud of. Here are the ways to do just that.

  1. Pick a topic
  2. You already know that you will write the paper on the Ebola virus, but you have to narrow it down to a specific topic. You can choose to focus on any one of the aspects of the topic. It will help you decide the best ways to attack this paper. You can jot down a few ways that you want to go.

  3. Create a focus
  4. The next step is to develop your thesis statement which is the focus of your paper. You will have to make a statement about the topic after doing some preliminary research. You should ask yourself a question that your research will answer.

  5. Plan the paper
  6. Create an outline that helps you organize and plan your paper. This will help you decide when to present the different aspects. You will decide if you should present the strongest argument first or last.

  7. Add bridges between ideas
  8. You will need to include transitions between ideas to help your audience through the paper. You will create a transition when switching from one idea to the next. You can use a simple transition like first, second, and third or something more complex that creates that link between the different topics.

  9. Create a rough draft
  10. Next, start to fill in the pieces of your outline until it becomes a rough draft. You will make sure that you prove your thesis statement. Include facts through direct quotes from credible sources and explain why these statements prove your thesis.

  11. Edit and complete
  12. You will then read through the paper several times to make sure that you have fixed any mistakes and that it says what you wanted it to say. Now, format your paper by making sure you follow any formatting requirements set forth by your instructor. That way you have a complete paper that is error free.

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