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Creating A Research Paper Introduction: A Quick Writing Guide

Creating a research paper introduction is not as difficult as many students think. It frames the research paper, but does not have to be the first thing you write. In fact, it is often the last thing.

The first thing you should do is to think about a proper topic. Using brainstorming techniques can help you to narrow down a potential topic. For example if you want to talk about international relations in Italy but you only have five pages for your assignment you will have to use a brainstorming method to narrow down international relations to something more feasible such as legislation passed in the last year regarding immigration from other countries.

  • Depending upon the required length of your assignment and the subject you may have to be careful not to select a topic which is too broad. You can focus on one particular time, person, place, group, or event to otherwise narrow down the topic that you have. Instead of writing about the media's influence upon female body image you can narrow down your research paper to the impact of fashion magazine advertisements for adolescent body image. Once your topic has been narrowed down to something more manageable you will be up to focus on a particular type, time, or person or place.

  • If you need to write a much larger project and you have to broaden your topic you may need to include information that makes it possible to cover a comprehensive 20 pages or more. If you are writing about a particular event, person, or subject you may be able to expand your topic by including additional people, places, events, or groups.

Successfully composing your introduction begins with starting the writing process early. Just because you do not think that you are ready to begin the writing process does not mean that you should avoid it. Sometimes the simple act of writing something down helps you to get into the exploration and discovery which will lead to improved draft writing.

Do not limit yourself to writing your introduction first. Many students worry that they have to be in with the introduction because it is the first part of their research paper. But this is not true. You should write whatever you feel is readiest. If you need three argumentative body paragraphs and you only have the one you want to include last, start writing that paragraph. You do not have to write the research paper in the order in which it appears to the reader.

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