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Tips And Examples: How To Write An Excellent Term Paper In No Time

A Math Formula For Success: Calculating Time

Writing an essay is all about one great formula that I have determined essay after essay is true.

Good Days Writing (Days When the Writing Goes Well)

All the Days the Writing Doesn’t Happen

= The Amount of Time it Will Take Me to Write an Essay

Now, that formula changes if you want an A+ essay—you will want extra days in there for revising.

What is the Number One Mistake All Students Make?

See, the chief mistake students make is they do not allow themselves enough time to write an essay. No one can write a research paper / term paper, most of which are at least four to five pages long at the minimum—overnight. No one. Not even a super-experienced writer like me.

Writing is a Craft, and Like any Great Craft, You Need Time to Make it Beautiful

Think of a painter standing before his canvas. He is trying to decide whether or not to paint one of two visions he has in his mind. First, he has a vision in his mind of some glowing red and yellow fruits in a crystalline glass bowl which sits atop a table in front of some red curtains—sounds great right? Well, he is also debating one of a seaside cottage, lit from within at night. Both paintings sound like they could be lovely, right?

Well, what the inexperienced writer/painter would do in this situation is to waste all of their time standing in front of a blank canvas—locked up in indecision—trying to decide what exactly to paint. The experienced writer would go ahead and pick a subject and get painting/writing. Why? Because the magic is in the writing—not the topic. You can write on any topic and make a paper sing. All you need is enough time to

  • write a first draft
  • work in your research gracefully and skillfully, peppering the essay with quotes cited properly.
  • Time to stwep away from the essay and let it go through a process which I call “simmering.” Good papers need time to sit and marinate in its juices—just as your eyes need time to step away from the paper and rest.
  • Then, after resting, begin the magic process of revision.

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