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Tips And Ideas For Creating A Research Paper On Plagiarism

When you are tasked with creating a research paper on plagiarism, the first things you need to do include reviewing the assignment details/instructions. This is an important step for many students because it helps them to make sure they understood the content and that they know how their response should be crafted. The last thing you want is to travel down a road that did not follow the instructions or the assignment details only to end up having to start over again.

Once you have reviewed the key information it is time to start brainstorming what you know about your topic and what you still need to know. The things that you still need to know will make up the majority of your research questions. You can use this to refine your research. If you have a list of questions you need answered, you can use them to direct your research efforts to finding the answers to each of your questions. Another thing you can do is take copious notes as you research. You want to make sure that while taking notes you write down any corresponding bibliographic information. If you find a good source, and you photocopy one or two relevant pages, make sure you write down the full bibliographic reference at the top or back of one of the pages. This will make it easier for you when you have to write your reference page.

After that, create an outline so that you can order all of your ideas into a logical sequence. Make sure that you only include points which are relevant to your thesis. Once you have an outline you should be able to see where the essay is heading.

Once you have a comprehensive outline, it is time to write your paper.

When writing the introduction, you want to open up the reader to the thesis. You want to indicate to your reader how your main question will be answered. This is the area where you engage the reader and pique their interest.

When you write the main body of your paper, you want to make sure that each new point you introduce is a new paragraph. You should use transitional words for each line/paragraph so that the reader can enjoy a smooth transition in between each area of your paper.

The conclusion is the final section and it should summarize your key ideas and demonstrate to the reader, once again, how you were able to prove your thesis.

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