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15 Interesting Ideas For Managerial Economics Term Paper Topics

No two term papers are identical, even when they were both written by students who make identical grades. Unfortunately, many students pick the easiest topics rather than challenge themselves to write something they’re uncertain of. This is common in managerial economics where boring, safe topics abound and less enterprising students can comfortably play it safe. Here are 15 topics to choose from if you would like to stretch your thinking muscles a bit:

  1. What impact would a drastic slump in global oil prices have on individual firms?

  2. Does the increased use of freelance labour have an impact on the foreign exchange reserves of net producers?

  3. How will the tourism industry in other Caribbean nations be affected by the normalization of trade between the United States and Cuba?

  4. Will labour-based economies survive the increased use of robotics or devolve into social unrest?

  5. Will the increased interest in entrepreneurship cause difficulties for companies that require a traditional workforce?

  6. How significant a contribution has music made to the world economy and to what extent do managers benefit from this?

  7. Has the use of art as a means of investment paid off to businesses as part of a CSR plan?

  8. In the event that lower oil prices are caused by diminishing demand, what can individual companies do to assist in the recovery of the international economy?

  9. How can managers best prepare themselves for the possibility of terror attacks and their resultant blows to confidence in the economy?

  10. How can firms best partner with governments to ensure the protection of their intellectual property and any profits that it earns?

  11. How is the economic reality of a start-up’s management team in a developing country different from one in a developed country?

  12. How do businesses in crowded, aging cities combine their limited resources to attain entrepreneurial success?

  13. Will the decline in oil prices lead to a third dip in the worldwide recession or finally encourage a sustained recovery?

  14. Will the relatively inelastic market for smart phones and devices carry over to producers of intelligent robots when they become available to the public?

  15. Should businesses work with governments to decrease the length of the standard work week?

Having read through the whole list you will be in a great position to decide what your next paper will be based on.

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