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A List Of Fresh Sociology Research Paper Topics For High School

If you are met with the challenge of composing a sociology research paper and don’t know where to begin, here are a few ideas to help spark some of your writing genius. Keep in mind that you should choose a topic that relates to your own personal interests so you can write with more speed, skill, and enjoyment. There are many overarching, broad topics to be explored in sociology. Before beginning, narrow your focus to one broad topic listed below and then chooses a more specific direction within it.


  1. The Effects of Child Abuse, Observed in Adults
  2. The Differences of Being Raised in _________ and ________ (insert any continent or country)
  3. How Technology has Affected the Modern Family
  4. Have Gender Roles in Marriage Changed?
  5. The Differences Between Being Raised in an Adoptive or a Biological Family


  1. The Reason Behind the Rise of Crime in _____________ (choose a country or city you are interested in)
  2. The Effects of Parental Alcohol Abuse on Children
  3. How Imprisonment Affects Teenagers
  4. The Motive for Terrorism
  5. The Rise of Lone Gunmen and Their Motivation


  1. The Differences Between Co-Habitation and Marriage
  2. The Legalization of Gay Marriage and its Effects
  3. Is Feminism Destroying Marriages?
  4. The Lives of Young Brides Worldwide
  5. Cross-Cultural Marriages: Do They Work?

Social Media

  1. Cyberbullying and its Effects
  2. Has Facebook Damaged Real Relationships?
  3. Masking Who We Are: The Difference Between Real People and Their Social Media Profiles
  4. Should Young Kids Be Using Social Media Sites?
  5. How Social Media Preys on People’s Insecurities

Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality

  1. From Little Italy to China Town: Why Races are Segregated
  2. Persecuted Races and How They Have Fought Back (choose one particular race that has been or is being persecuted)
  3. Is Racism Falling or on the Rise?
  4. Immigrants: How do they adjust and are they accepted?
  5. Stereotypes and Race: Are they justified?

Youth Culture

  1. The Example (insert celebrity’s name) Sets for Teenage Girls/Boys
  2. Reasons for Becoming a Social Outcast and its Effects on Teens
  3. The Example (insert TV show title) Sets for Teenagers
  4. The Difference Between Being Homeschooled or Attending Public School
  5. How Music Affects the Behavior of Youth
This list is intended to create a launching pad for your own ideas. Take your own spin on them, stick to what you are passionate about, and you’ll be on your way to crafting a superb sociology paper.

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