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How To Write A Strong Research Paper From Scratch - A Free Guide

As the title of this article tells you, a research paper requires research. But in this instance you are asked to write a strong research paper. So what do we mean by strong?

By strong we mean a research paper which clearly shows evidence of your preparation. You will have done the following things.

  • You have fully understood the topic you're writing about.
  • You have listed the material you have read in creating your research material.
  • You have followed the formula of creating a research paper.
  • You have paid attention to proofreading and editing.
  • You have handed in your research paper on time.

One of the really sad aspects for any teacher or professor in marking a research paper is that they find the material in front of them has been really well researched and written but unfortunately it does not stick to the topic. If a question is to be answered they simply haven’t answered the question or at least not done so in detail. They have included irrelevant material. They have wandered off topic. These are cardinal sins which you must not commit. It doesn't matter how strong your research paper may be unless it sticks to the topic you are in trouble.

You cannot fake your research activities. If you claim that you have written various texts and articles then that reading will show up in your writing. So you must list everything you have used in your research for your research paper and you must prove your claim to have read this material by referring to it and using it in your research paper.

There will be a standard formula for writing your research paper. If you have any doubts whatsoever you should discuss this with your teacher or professor beforehand. You do not wish to hand in a strong research paper which does not follow the layout as required.

Again a strong research paper will be error-free. You will have taken the time to discover any possible spelling or grammatical errors and removed all corrected items. You will have edited your research paper to check for such things as repetition, vague writing or wandering away from the topic. A strong research paper becomes a so-so research paper if one of the final steps, that of editing and proofreading, is ignored.

Finally there is little point in going through all the various steps and writing a strong research paper if you miss the deadline. Use a calendar with milestones listing what stage of the research paper you should be up to by various dates. Give yourself plenty of time to finish well within the deadline.

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