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How To Find Interesting Senior Project Research Paper Ideas

Many students in high school and college must write a research paper before they can graduate. Although the topic may be up to the teacher, many of these essay topics will be chosen by the student. For students who are uncertain what to write about, the following ideas can help to foster some interesting topics.

  • Is feminism still a relevant movement in the modern world? In what areas do men still surpass women? Are there instances (such as education) where men outperform women?

  • What are some of the latest ways that cyber criminals are stealing money? Are there ways to combat these hacking techniques?

  • There is plenty of research that shows that exercise, diet and lifestyle factors can improve someone's health. Should companies be able to offer lower health insurance rates for non-smokers? Is it ethical to charge obese workers more for insurance?

  • Over the last few decades, the divorce rate has increased significantly. If it was harder to get a divorce, would that make couples resort to counseling and relationship building? Would this decrease the divorce rate?

  • In the United Kingdom, many students take a gap year right after high school or between years at college. Would this be a good idea for teenagers in the united States?

  • How does child care on-site at workplaces help improve the company's revenue?

  • Many states do not allow convicted felons the right to vote. Since every citizen is given voting rights in the Constitution, is - Ithis decision ethical? What impact would voting felons have on elections?

  • Historians sift through letters and documents from the past to gain their view of history. With the information age, there p> are more documents than ever online. How will this effect the field of history and histiography?

  • Should food manufacturers be required to label products that have genetically modified substances in them?

  • IOver the past few years, there have been examples of parades and speeches given by Nazi sympathizers. These speeches are protected by the United States Constitution. Should hateful or bigoted speech remain protected by law?

  • IThe younger generation is generally better able to deal with technology and computers. How has this changed their interaction with the older generation in the workplace?

    • IMany nations around the world have universal health coverage that is provided by the government. Even with the current laws, Americans must still pay for their own healthcare unless they have an exceptionally low income. Why does the world's wealthiest nation continue to lack universal health care.

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