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Academia can be a competitive field particularly when it comes to research. Writing research is a long process with many twists and turns that can be hard to navigate when you’re new to it. It’s best to ask your professor how you should get started. Barring that you could even ask your classmates. In the event that neither of those options is open to you, you can use these tips instead.

  • Be wise in your topic selection
  • A good research paper is more likely to come out of a good topic than a bad one. Spend time looking for your topic in unconventional places. Newspaper articles and journals are just as useful as conversations with educated friends in this regard. Once you have compiled a list of potential topics, decide which ones are best for you in terms of the time they would take to be researched thoroughly and the depth of analysis you would need to put to your findings.

  • Pace yourself
  • Research that is rushed tends to have an unfinished and unprofessional appearance. Allocate enough time to research your work properly and take breaks in between. These breaks will allow you to compose yourself and recharge your mental batteries. It may seem counterintuitive but you will accomplish more by taking breaks than you would by trying to push past your saturation point indefinitely.

  • Get the right sources
  • The evidence you collect is crucial to good research. You cannot merely imagine things and state them if you intend to create a credible paper. If possible, find a variety of sources from interviews, first-hand accounts and experiments that have had their results published. It goes without saying that any compilation of human knowledge that can be edited at random should not be quoted directly. Such sources can however, help get you started on a search.

  • Become familiar with the format you must use
  • Research is conducted in just about every field that welcomes progress. From psychology to chemistry you can find students engaging in research. This means that you can find research papers that are written in a style that in no way resembles the one you must use. Find out what academic style is required of you and get comfortable using it so that your own paper will meet all the requirements.

If this is still daunting to you, try engaging in some mock research just to work your nerves out. A little bit of practice will do wonders for your confidence.

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