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14 Unexpected Public Finance Term Paper Topics

Public finance deals with the government’s role in the economy. It deals with their revenue and their expenditures and how it is adjusted to improve economic stability. There are several topics that you can write a term paper on for this subject. Because this is a rather large paper, you will want to make sure that you choose a topic that has enough information on it to complete the assignment.

You can use a standard seven paragraph essay format for this type of paper. You would want to present your background information in the first paragraph and then have a second introduction paragraph that defines terms and presents your thesis statement. You can present at least four paragraphs that prove your thesis and end with a conclusion paragraph.

Term papers tend to be longer papers and you should accommodate the additional pages by finding an extra reason to support your thesis. You should try to present four supporting reasons with facts to prove them. It is the best way to make sure that you prove your thesis and write a solid paper.

Here are some really unexpected public finance term paper topics that you can write about.

  1. Popular Public Financing Strategies
  2. Process of Public Budgeting
  3. Book Analysis of Campaign Finance
  4. Usefulness of Government-Sponsored Enterprises
  5. Effectiveness of Price Controls
  6. Use of Government Bailouts
  7. Budget deficit
  8. Tax and Expenditure Reform
  9. Externalities and Public Goods
  10. Expenditure incidence
  11. Effects that fiscal illusion have on expenditure programs
  12. Spillover effects of a tax program
  13. Governmental Growth
  14. Fiscal Federalism

Once you have chosen a topic for your paper, it is very important to make sure that you create an outline. It will focus your efforts and make sure that you only talk about things that prove your thesis. Many students find a really interesting fact that they want to present but that does not prove the thesis. If you put this in your paper, you may think that you are enhancing your paper but really you are taking away from its effectiveness.

Focus all of your attention to proving your thesis and leave the interesting facts that don’t apply for the reader to discover once you have them interested in your topic. You can write an effective term paper but you have to make sure that you are organized to do so.

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