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Argumentative Research Paper Topic Ideas- Expert Advice

An argumentative research paper involves analyzing a social issue and deciding what is right and wrong. The paper expresses the morality of the issue. Controversial issues that cause a debate all of the time because there is such a grey area are great for this type of essay. When a debate is involved, it is an argument which works great for an argumentative research paper.

When you are deciding on a topic to write about, you can come up with a wide selection of lists online that listing topic ideas. You can choose to follow this route and write about one of these ideas. There are many places to look for topic ideas.

  1. Check out a current event listing of the most controversial issues of the time. There are a few studies that have been done by various institutions that list the most common controversial issue of the year. This is a great place to get ideas for your argumentative essay.

  2. Look in your text book for ideas. It would depend on which class that you had to write the paper for whether you would be able to find a topic. However, it is a great place to start. Look for opinions or theories that are made. Argumentative topics have to be about a topic that has two opposing sides. You can write about anything relevant if it has two sides. Think about when the text made statements like “many people believe” and “45% of the people agree that”.

  3. Look into current events to see if you can come up with any ideas from them. Maybe there was a protest or a new law proposed. These will give you an ideas of current real-life controversial issues. Study a little more and then choose a side. Who will you support and why?

  4. Some of the internet sites that list topics. The best idea is to use these as examples for your topic. Try not to just pick one of these topics because you are not sure how many other people used the same topic. There are some really good ideas in these lists though.

Argumentative research papers are designed to make you prove your researching skills and how well you can present your information. Go ahead and find an example essay to help you understand what is expected of you.

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