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The Top 20 Research Or Term Paper Ideas For College Students

Throughout college, students have to write a number of research papers. Ranging from English class assignments to scientific research, these papers take significant amounts of research for the average student. To get started on the writing process, students must narrow down their research topic to a single thesis. They can read through the following ideas for research or term papers.

  1. The Present State of Cyber Security
  2. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and its Present Impact on America
  3. The Role of Sweatshops in Producing First World Goods
  4. The Effectiveness of Capital Punishment on Deterring Crime
  5. Affirmative Action in College Admissions Policies
  6. Outsourcing's impact on the Economy
  7. Ethics of Using Animals for Scientific Research
  8. Effects of Deforestation on Global Warming and How to Stop it
  9. Changes to Business Strategies Brought About by E-Business
  10. Impact of a Single Parent Home on the Future Success of the Child
  11. Use of Diploma Mill Degrees in the Workplace
  12. Population Control: Was Thomas Malthus Right?
  13. Comparison of the Danger and Costs of Each Energy Production Type
  14. Doctor-Assisted Suicides
  15. Effect of Drug Legalization in Colorado and Washington
  16. Comparative Use and Perception of Abortion in Different Cultures
  17. Ways to Limit Police Brutality
  18. Modern Techniques for Doping in Sports
  19. Alternative Medicine Versus Westernized Medicine
  20. Factors that Influence HIV Infection Rates

Narrow Down the Topic

If students need more topic ideas for their research paper, they can start by brainstorming about the subject. Once a particular idea is figured out, students should narrow it down. An overly broad topic is difficult to write about in a set word count. Likewise, a topic that is too narrow will be hard to research.

Check for Research in the Library

Before deciding to write about an exact topic, students should always visit their school's library. While many schools have excellent selections of research materials, there may be limits on what the student can actually research. Students should always check the library before they decide on a topic so that they do not end up stuck during the research process. Some libraries will allow the student to request a book that is located at another college campus. If the student plans on doing this, they will need to request the materials as soon as possible. It can take several days for the books to arrive, so students will need to request it quickly in order to start the research process.

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