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Looking For A Well-Written Research Paper Introduction Sample

The most important feature of any research essay example is the introduction. You have to grab your audience’s attention from the very beginning. If you lost their attention at the beginning, they will not want to read your paper. Please make sure your spelling is correct and that you have no grammar errors. Check all of your sentences and be sure that you have not written ay fragments or run-on sentences. There are a few things you must include in this part of the paper, so when you are searching for a sample, you want it to have these items-

Things to Look for in an Introduction Sample

  • Hook- the hook is sometimes called an attention getter. This device serves to “hook “ the audience. It can be a question, story, strong quote, or fact. Make sure it suits the subject and is appropriate. It should not be a joke that isn’t suitable for the classroom. Pick an example with a good hook.
  • Background information-this is the location in the composition where you give background facts about your subject. The background fact section should not be too long. And it certainly should not be more detailed than the main point sections. In the background portion of the essay, you just want to summarize the background facts for the subject of discussion. So, the example you pick to model your paper after will have just enough appropriate background information, but not too much.
  • Thesis statement-this one sentence will embody the entire focus of your paper. It needs to have the perfect spelling, the perfect structure, and the perfect word selection for it to be effective. If you start off with mistakes, the person reading the paper will not be impressed at all. Then in one sentence (it will be more than one sentence when you are a mature writer) you will state your theory or opinion and your main points. I think that three-five main points are sufficient for a high school paper. This paper will help to guide you through the entire paper. It is like a map, and it will keep you on your course. So, select a sample with a super thesis statement.

As you look for a perfect example online, at a writing company, or from a tutor, look for one that has all of these sections well written.

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