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A List Of Outstanding Research Paper Topics To Explore

In your search for good research topics, you are likely to encounter the following problems:

  • Most of the good topics have already been taken by talented writers who are hard to outdo

  • Some topics are fascinating but would require decades of research and millions of dollars worth of funding to adequately explore

  • The college you are affiliated may have a deep ideological bias against the type of work that truly appeals to you

  • You may be forced to work with other who do not share your vision or who may be too lazy to give you the support you need

These are all fairly hard to get around but you can attempt the following:

  • Keep looking for inspiration in the latest news (it is hard to find someone who has written about an event that is barely a few minutes old)

  • Scale back to a more manageable version of any concept that seems unwieldy at first

  • Consider transferring to a different college if you consistently find your ideas being rejected

  • Put your foot down if you find yourself being forced to work with freeloading group members (even if this means you have to do the assignment on your own).

Take some time to look over those problems and solutions. Having done so, you can begin to consider your own topics in a bit more detail. Here are some examples of what you could eventually come up with:

  1. Should a new system of academic writing be developed that merges traits of those that preceded it?
  2. Should sleep deprivation be used to treat depression more frequently?
  3. How has the human race suffered by having negative feelings about body hair?
  4. ‘Reality’ television: How frequently are the scenes enacted on such shows planned by production staff?
  5. Narcissism and Coddling: Will the parenting techniques that were hailed in previous generations lead to a nation of entitled children?
  6. World War Three: How the current world leadership failed to avert it or actively made it inevitable
  7. Cult or Religion: How do we draw those lines and is it truly fair?
  8. Genetic Modification: Given the many protests against this practice, in what ways has it benefited food production?
  9. The truth about high fructose corn syrup
  10. Analysis of the most likely traits of a hypothetical silicone based alien life form

There are several subject areas that these topics can relate to and you need not feel obligated to stick to any of them.

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