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Writing A Sociology Research Paper On Pros And Cons Of Abortion

Writing a sociology research paper is sometimes very much tricky and you have to be very much aware of the general rules and norms of this writing. Especially the thing becomes more complicated when the research paper is on the pros and cons of abortion.

What should you first do?

Well, first you have to plan for your writing. Without proper planning this kind of writing is next to impossible. So, before you start writing think about your topic deeply. Find out the points you will discuss about.

How to write an introduction?

Introduction on the topic like the pros and cons of abortion must be well thought. The most important thing is your thesis statement. A good thesis statement increases the possibility of making your article a successful one, therefore be specific in your thesis statement. A specific thesis statement is always better than a vague one. Tell the readers what you are specifically going to say.

What you can choose as points?

There are several points you can discuss while writing pros and cons of abortion.


  • Population problem is one of the big problems of this modern world and abortion helps to prevent this problem equally
  • Unwanted children are avoided in this process. So the children who would feel out of place in the later part of their life have not to suffer.
  • In some cases it helps from social embarrassment.
  • It is also helpful for the economy. If the population increases, then you cannot maintain the population.
  • Abortion supports the individual freedom which is a very much necessary thing and this individual freedom is the basis of modern society.


  • In some cases, abortion helps illegal relationships and inspires it.
  • Abortion also in some cases helps to kill would be girl children.
  • You accept it or not it is a system of killing
  • Abortion in many cases has a serious impact on the body of the mother
  • Abortion is sometimes forceful. And it becomes a way to torture the individual concerned.

If you can add all these things in your writing, then your writing will probably be a successful one. So keep all these things in your mind while writing and organize the ideas and you have to use your intuitive knowledge to do that.

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