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How To Start A History Research Paper: Basic Tips

No matter what sector you are studying, be it American, World, Eastern, State, or Western, you will be assigned a composition in this rigorous and required social studies class. Use our basic tips and suggestions list for how to start your history research paper.

Basic Tips for how to Begin

  • Pick a topic you enjoy-this piece can be about a person, place, event law, war, country, city, culture, or protest, but find a subject you have a great interest in to use as your subject.
  • Have a specific thesis statement-have a tight and specific thesis statement because this field can be very broad.
  • If you cannot narrow the topic down, your paper may be either too long or too general. This is an important suggestion to carefully follow as you create this special sentence.
  • It’s all in the outline-have a very detailed outline once you have your thesis statement. The outline should be very detailed and it should include all of your references, quotes, and data, as well. The perfect detailed outline will help to create a great term essay.
  • Research do’s and don’ts-make sure that you use academic, credible, and valid sources for a good beginning to your piece. You want to support your thoughts, comments, theories, and ideas with the research. You need to always know who said it or wrote it and what the qualifications of that person are. Ask the media specialist what data bases the school subscribes to and if you need user names or passwords to use these sources of information.
  • Tiny steps-all large projects can be overwhelming if you look at the total project. It is better to break the piece down into small bites. The steps for this assignment could be-
    • Topic selection
    • Thesis statement creation
    • The rough outline
    • The final outline
    • Research
    • Paragraph one
    • Paragraph two
    • Paragraph three
    • And then any remaining paragraphs
    • Completion of the rough draft
    • Proof and editing
    • Completion of the final draft with a special check on the in-text citations
    • Creation of the reference page
  • Proofing and editing-once the rough draft is finished, you need to proof and edit it. If you struggle with this task, you may want to hire a tutor, writing company, or freelance writer to do it for you. This step will need to be repeated once you have written the fail draft as well.

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