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The Structure Of An APA Research Paper – 7 Points To Consider

The American Psychological Association developed the APA style to standardize the formatting of research papers. It helps with the publication of work in the social sciences and scholarly journals accept it. That is the real benefit of this particular type of formatting. It sometimes takes a little bit of patience and you have to be careful. Here are some points about APA formatting you should know.

  1. It is all in Active Voice. It doesn’t matter how long ago the research was done. Passive voice is not acceptable in the APA style.
  2. It is all About You. The APA style wants the text in first person. This is especially true when you are describing all of the research steps you took to reach your conclusions.
  3. Be Crystal Clear. Resist the urge to use a lot of jargon. People who are not in your discipline are going to be reading your research paper. They have to understand what you are trying to say.
  4. You are not writing a Poem. Highly creative and figurative words are not meant to be part of the APA text. Leave them for the novels; you are writing research.
  5. There are Strict Grammar Rules. This is true with the use of question marks and periods. You cannot use both in the same sentence.
  6. There is Not Just One Kind of Heading. APA style has five. You have to know when to use the right one.
  7. There are Rules for Citation. A newspaper, book, blog, and journal article have separate citation formats. You must use the correct one.

The exact rules of formatting can make the APA style a real headache to deal with. There also is a fair amount of pressure on you as the writer. The department expects you to adhere to the formatting style precisely. For the want of a comma or a capitalization, you can expect to have your paper returned to you for revision. The worst-case situation will find you spending as much time doing the formatting as the research. You may need some help.

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