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An Effective Writing Tutorial for Those Facing Troubles in Writing a Research Paper

Here is a step by step tutorial on writing the perfect research paper:

  • Phase One: Start by taking time to figure out what is the perfect topic or subject matter to do the paper on.
  • Phase Two: The student should not begin doing research on the chosen subject matter, without first doing preliminary research, and outline on that preliminary research.
  • Phase Three: With the preliminary research and outline, the student can decide if they need to do the paper on another topic.
  • Phase Four: Once the subject matter is chosen, the research can begin on the topic.
  • Phase Five: Once all research has been done on the subject, the notes taken can be placed into an outline for organization.
  • Phase Six: Use the outline as a guide to writing the research paper.
  • Phase Seven: The student has to do at least two draft versions of the research paper prior to the final research paper.
  • Phase Eight: All draft versions of the research paper, including the final one, has to be reviewed, proofread, and checked by someone else for any possible errors.
  • Phase Nine: Once the research paper has been checked and corrections made, it is advisable to have it checked one more time as a precaution.
  • Phase Ten: Once feel comfortable with the finalized research paper, go ahead and give it to your professor for that grade “A”.

Here are a few suggestions if having trouble writing the research paper:

  • #1: Take a break from writing the research paper to clear your mind and thoughts.
  • #2: May have to get help from a professional writer if cannot write the paper on your own.
  • #3: Never be scared to ask your professor or teacher for help in the writing process.
  • #4: Sometimes may have to stop and pick another subject for the research paper.
  • #5: Ensure that all resources chosen for the research paper is reliable, credible, and updated.
  • #6: If get stuck during the process of writing the paper, it is good to draft an outline that may be able to give you clarity.
  • #7: When citing any resources, ensure to cite them correctly in the bibliography section of the research paper.
  • #8: Always have a “third pair of eyes” to check your research paper for any errors before submitting it for grading.
  • #9: Do not make the writing process for a research paper more difficult than it should be.

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