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A List Of The Most Inspiring Ideas For Research Paper Topics On Medieval History

Medieval History is a vast subject, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many topics to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Research papers require a lot of time and energy, so if you fall into the trap of writing about something that doesn’t interest you, a research paper can turn into quite the chore. Before committing to any topic, make sure that it has plenty of information to be researched. A simple search on the internet will reveal this information to you. While brainstorming, here are some ideas to inspire you on potential topics for your research paper on Medieval History.

  1. Women in the Middle Ages: Discuss the history of women’s roles in society and highlight the general attitude towards them. Women in this time period often fill religious positions, so you can research why this was so, and juxtapose their positions during the witchcraft trials.

  2. Medieval Law: Explore how law evolved throughout the ages. During this time, punishment and law was extremely harsh. Research different enforcement methods, and how various charges came to be.

  3. Church & Society in Europe: During these times, people’s relationships with religion and themselves grew to change. Discover why there may have been a decline in church attendance, and what else was happening during the same time.

  4. Music in the Medieval Days: Music was completely different during these times compared to modern-day music. Elaborate on what makes the music different, especially regarding harmonies, instruments, and themes.

  5. Medieval Manuscripts: Literature during this time period was ever changing, as was its medium. Study the different techniques previously used in medieval literature, the tools used, and the topics discussed. As with many other things, religion hugely influenced their work.

This list only touches on the many different topics there are to choose from when writing a paper on Medieval History. When considering a topic, make sure that you’ve gone through all possible topics so that you’ve narrowed down your search. It’s essential that your topic be one with a lot of available research, though it doesn’t have to be an exhausted topic. If the list above doesn’t get any wheels turning, here are some more ideas you could write about or spin off of:

  • History of Warfare
  • Roman Law
  • The Rise of Shakespeare
  • Influence of Death in Art

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