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Research Paper Help For College Students: How To Get The Best Grade

Most college students will write dozens or even hundreds of papers in while pursuing a degree. The more you write, the better you’ll get at it. But there are a few easy strategies to help you get the best grade you can.

Make sure you understand the assignment

The first step to a successful paper is to make sure you understand the assignment. This includes both the topic, the approach the professor intends for you employ, and the style of citations you are required to use. Some professors are better at others at clearly articulating the assignment and their expectations. If you are unclear on any aspect of it, don’t be afraid to ask. Once you have a clear understanding of it, make sure you’re topic is clearly and directly addressing it.

Do a good job researching

In order to write a successful research paper you must put in time researching your topic. It’s important to do this before you start the writing process, as well as throughout it. You should be using mostly primary sources, such as books and journal articles.

Use the grading rubric or criteria

Chances are your professor includes a grading rubric or grading criteria in their syllabus or paper assignment. While most students ignore rubrics, they can be an important tool in succeeding on college assignments. The rubric should include what areas you’ll be graded on—such as content, organization, and spelling/grammar—as well as what is expected of you for each level of quality. Use this to make sure you’re putting your time and effort into the right areas. If your professor doesn’t provide a grading rubric or criteria, as them for one! It’s their job to make their expectations clear, and chances are they’ll be impressed you wanted one.

Use the writing center

Most universities have a writing center where you can receive help from trained tutors on everything from choosing a topic, researching, organizing your paper, to proofreading it. The tutors may also be familiar with what different professors expect or like in papers.

Proofread your work

Don’t forget to proofread your work carefully. Needless errors can lose you serious points on the paper, and the can be avoided by proofreading. If you struggle with this step, try reading your paper out loud. Or ask a friend, classmate, or even writing center tutor to proofread it for you—chances are they’ll catch mistakes you’ll miss.

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