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Picking The Best Title For A Research Paper: 25 Great Suggestions

It doesn’t matter what stage of your academic career you are at, choosing the best title for your research paper is paramount not only to your confidence and ability to write the paper but also as to how it will be interpreted and perceived by your readership. Choosing a lame title could easily result in the paper falling flat on its face. If picking your title for your research paper is enough to make you start biting your nails in desperation, fear not, for here’re are 25 great suggestions:

  1. Witchcraft in America: examine the impact of The Salem Witch Trials on communities across America.
  2. Explore the parallels between the Ancient Olympians and modern day Olympic athletes.
  3. The Global Financial crisis: was it caused by greedy bankers or an over reliance on cheap credit by consumers?
  4. Are there any parallels to be drawn between the Suffragettes and the women’s rights movements of today?
  5. How to break voter apathy and increase turnout at elections: would forcing first time voters to vote make a difference?
  6. Hackers like “Anonymous” claim to be orchestrating huge hacks for ethical reasons. Is hacking ever justified?
  7. Suppressing whistleblowers the Snowden effect: prosecuting, indeed persecuting people who wish to blow the whistle on wrongdoing has become the norm. Should we be taking the opposite approach to whistleblowing?
  8. Life in a monastery: is this the answer to reversing the modern trend of promiscuity.
  9. Evolution of our species: examine evolutionary patterns in humans over the years and consider what the next stages in our evolutionary cycle might be.
  10. Algorithms and search engines: a necessary means of predicting consumer’s needs or a gross intrusion into our privacy?
  11. Global pandemics: are mass extinctions a thing of the past. Or, could something like Ebola wipe out vast swathes of the planet.
  12. Meteorites: are they are threat to our survival?
  13. Who owns outer space: is there a benefit to the wider population to businesses investing in and profiting out of deep space mining etc.
  14. Optical illusions: what are they and are what the root causes behind them?
  15. Corruption within the Vatican: provide a historical account of Vatican cover ups.
  16. Amelia Earhart: unravel the mystery around what happened to her
  17. The Bermuda Triangle: explore the science behind the myths
  18. Atlantis: an investigation into the likely places for it
  19. The gender gap: why do some companies still think it is acceptable to pay women less for doing the same job as their male counterparts? What steps can governments take to address this?
  20. Wuthering Heights: Was it really written by Emily Bronte?
  21. Bram Stoker: how was he able to create “Dracula”
  22. Boudicca: heroine or Roman Puppet?
  23. The Gunpowder plot: consider an alternate reality in which the plot had been successful
  24. End of the “Welfare State” – Are the Dutch right to abolish this?
  25. Compare and contrast the Scandinavian childcare model to the British model.

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