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A List Of Good Research Paper Topics About Religion To Choose From

Discussions of religion can be extremely emotional. They go to the heart of the inner feelings of many people and long-held beliefs. The challenge can be both for a theist and an atheist. Topics of religion can be instructional for both the person who is writing the research paper and the individual who is reading it. What is necessary is to have some good topics that perhaps are a little bit outside the box. These can be both challenging and interesting. Here are a few to think about.

  • Religion and Its Effects on Poverty.
  • Are Religious People Truly Happy in a Modern World?
  • Does Satanism Actually Pose a Threat to Society?
  • Do Religious Statues Threaten The Separation Of Church And State?
  • Which Is More Important in Religion, Ceremony or Meditation?
  • Can a Religious Person Succeed in Material World?
  • Would John Calvin Approve of Ministers Being Involved in Current Politics?
  • Is a Conscientious Objector Status Valid When It Comes to Social Politics?
  • Is Abortion Ever Morally Acceptable?
  • How Valuable is Seminary Training for a Pentecostal?
  • Can Islam Make the World a Better Place?
  • Is Social Media Effective in Spreading the Faith?
  • Have Americans Become Less Religious, or Are They Simply Changing Denominations?

The paper topic does not have to be something that arouses controversy or emotions. Objective analysis of religion can be extremely informative without being argumentative. That latter point is perhaps one of the biggest problems facing religious discussions: more people want to argue than to discuss.

You have an opportunity to explore basic values when you write on religion. This can be an exercise in explaining the motivations behind people and why they react to certain social situations. This also allows you the opportunity to find out more about a given religion or denomination. Concepts and ideas which you once firmly believed in might be challenged, and it may be negative opinions you hold that are being disputed. That is simply part of a learning process that essays in composition papers are trying to impart.

This is an opportunity to make a favorable impression on your teacher and not necessarily by adhering to the perceptions the teacher already holds. You have the chance to demonstrate a willingness to do serious research and analyze a position carefully. The research also helps you grow in the knowledge of a given area, and that is even more important than the grade. The effort adds to your knowledge base which may be extremely important for you at some later time.

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