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The Top 15 Government Term Paper Topics That Will Make Your Project Stand Out

There are many opportunities for students to write essays and term papers in particular about government and issues arising from government rule and activity. Choosing topics which have proved popular with both students and their teachers is a wise idea. There is plenty of research material available. Academics like the arguments developed in this theme and you can find numerous examples of previous term papers written on these topics.

This type of exercise is a perfect example of the need to discuss the topic of your term paper with your teacher or professor before you actually start planning and writing. Choosing the right topic can have a major impact on the success of your writing. You want to not only select a topic in which you have some knowledge or interest but also avoid a topic which many of your classmates are also writing about; hence the need for the pre-match pow-wow. Choose wisely.

Here are fifteen examples of top government term paper topics. Remember you can adapt any one of them to better suit your requirements.

  1. What are the major benefits of a parliamentary democracy?

  2. What should happen to governments which take action without a mandate of the people?

  3. Should states at lower levels of government have more power than the national government?

  4. Democracy is not just for government but for all aspects of life. Discuss.

  5. People should be prepared to die for their beliefs in democracy.

  6. Why have minor political parties become much stronger in today's climate?

  7. Compulsory voting should be introduced into all democratic countries.

  8. Restrictions on advertising for political campaigns should include a monetary upper level and the rules policed with due diligence.

  9. How important is the media in the success of a political party in an election?

  10. All governments should have a fixed period in office.

  11. A second Legislature or upper house is no longer relevant in today's world.

  12. It should be illegal for corporations to make donations to political parties.

  13. Methods of voting should be changed to give minor parties a better chance of being elected.

  14. The constitution of a democratic country should be taught to all students in high school.

  15. Special laws should be enacted to prevent bias in the media in political campaigns.

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