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A List Of Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics For College Students

When you are working on a biology research paper selecting the topic is the first step. The right topic will help you impress the professor and also score high grades in the subject. Here are a few suggestions in case you are stuck and cannot decide on what topic to choose.

Helpful suggestions for your biology research paper:

  • A study on genetics and how it is related with common diseases like obesity and cancer. You may keep the study focused on one single topic but you will have to cover all aspects of the role played by genetics.
  • What is DNA sequencing and how it can help in various treatments. How it is done and probably all other minute details that might not have been covered by earlier researched papers.
  • Sleep is one of the major activities performed by humans and animals alike. You can write on some of the unexplored areas of this activity. How does a person behave if he sleeps a lot or what the effects are of sleep deprivation? The function of brain when a person is sleeping or the sleep pattern of fishes. Each can make for some great topic on its own.
  • Hypnosis is one of the controversial topics that you can work on. There are various treatments which are possible by waking the subconscious mind. Explain in detail how hypnosis can help a patient suffering from post-traumatic disorder or how it can assist in the advance cases of Alzheimer.
  • The human body is a marvel of nature and you can select any one of its functions and elaborate on it. Discuss how it could have been designed in a better way or whether it is the best possible solution that nature has given us.
  • Warfare these days is mainly about biological weaponry. Discuss an idea which can be furthered worked on to create the perfect biological weapon for the country. You can also work on how some of the science fiction movies about biological weaponry completely baseless and lack logic.
  • Birth control pills are common among teenagers. You can write a topic on the advance side effects of using such measures and how they affect the human body in the long run.
  • Trees are interesting subject and you can decide your topic on one of the selective species and genus. Describe the various healing properties or the effect of certain chemicals on the growth rate of the trees.

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