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A Guide To Academic Writing - Common Research Paper Citing Rules

One of the good things in academic writing about the citation of references is that the general rules are the same regardless of format. Just make sure you know the style required as there are differences. In this article we will refer to the MLA style and its research paper citation rules and everything of course will depend on the style set down by your professor or teacher.

The common attribute for in-text citations makes use of what is known as parenthetical citation. This is quite simply where you place the information about the source of your quotation in parenthesis.

Today because of the different types of media available from which we contain information you need to make a distinction between whether the source came from a printed document, from the Internet or from a DVD. Remember that you will reference the quotation within the research paper and then list it in full at the end of your work in a bibliography page.

It must be correct

Obviously it goes without saying that you will get the information correct. You will have the correct spelling of the name of the author or authors and the correct spelling of the text or document from which you obtained your quotation. But you must also pay particular attention to getting the references within the document and then on the final page absolutely the same. When you make a mark within your research paper to indicate the source of the document, that same mark must appear in the list of works at the end of your paper. It makes it so much easier for the reader to locate the additional data.

When you are making a citation inside your research paper you will make use of double quotation marks to indicate the exact words being quoted. If from a book you will add the page number in parenthesis as well as the surname of the author immediately after the quotation. The page number means that the reader can go to the reference page at the end of your essay and find the complete title of the book and know that on the page number you have quoted they will find that quotation.

As mentioned previously it's possible now for students to find quotations not just in books but also in magazines, academic journals and newspapers. Again complete details need to be provided so that the reader is able to follow up on any quotation should the need arise.

There will come a time perhaps when you will include a quotation but do not know the name of the author. In that case it’s acceptable provided you provide full details of the publication from which the quotation is found.

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