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Constructing An Outline For A Research Paper: The Complete Walkthrough

Outline is one of the crucial steps of any research paper. Organization is missing if outline is ignored. This aspect helps in creating logical steps of writing while writing a striking paper. It enables the writer to achieve excellence in any topic. Outline highlights the knowledge you have. It guides you to write with an optimistic attitude making you achieve a positive outcome.

How to construct an outline?

  1. Pick a topic: Choose an interesting and challenging topic. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will steer you to do the endeavors. Narrow down the topic from religion to religion of a specific area and then to Christianity. It is a good idea to consult your teacher before embarking on the journey of writing. Read your assignment sheet again if you are not sure what is expected out of you. Pick the topics based on your abilities and while dealing with technicalities of the subjects etc. Avoid too narrow or vast topics.
  2. Gather information: Surf net and go through the reliable URLs lie .edu, .org or .net. Refer almanacs, encyclopedias and Britannica outlines. Search engines are a great tool if you do not know how to initiate your search. Visit library and find out Government publications, magazines, newspapers, vertical files, telephone directories, yellow pages etc.
  3. State the thesis: Think critically and write down your thesis in one sentence to declare your belief.
  4. Create a tentative outline: Sketch the outline in following points-
    • Introduction- brief comment
    • Body: At least 3 paragraphs should be supported with evidences along with facts and figures. The body paragraphs should be further divided into subtopics.
    • Conclusion: An analytical summary should be written wrapping up the research paper. Conclusion is rewording of the entire written contenting short assimilating everything.
  5. Systematize your notes: Check for accuracy, available sources, verification of up-to-date facts and figures wile citing its authenticity. This step is good to develop the insight revealing the findings.
  6. Write your initial draft: After you have read the notes, write the significant points. Summarize and paraphrase the quotes directly.
  7. Make a revision and then prepare your second draft: Check the content for errors, facts, figures, arrangement of ideas etc.
  8. Go through the first checklist and then the second one: First checklist should be to check for grammatical errors and spellings. Go through the second one e to check the content for unfinished sentences, use of repetitive words, flow of ideas, proof of arguments, etc.
  9. Get your paper typed finally: Since this is a formal piece of writing, it should be printed via a high quality printer and checked again for missing spellings, punctuations, neatness, duplication of words etc.

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