Show and Tell October 17th

Josh Pyke by Bang Bang Dot Dot Com

It’s freakin’ summer, dude. It’s been hot for about two weeks, and it’s already killing me. This is that magical time of year when my sissy Irish skin flushes during the walk from my car to my front door, and I need to be hospitalised if I should sit outside for more than fifteen minutes. Feels good, man. Here’s some cool stuff I’ve found this week!

Roller derby redditor Firewally created this cool tool called Wheelamajig. You can narrow down the durometer you want and filter by size, and the site will show you a bunch of different wheels that might be suitable. The creator is still tweaking it, so check back occasionally, but I think it’s a great resource as it is!

What do you think of WFTDA’s new playoff structure?

Steve at Nerd Fitness wrote this article about willpower.  It is Nerd Fitness, so he likens it to a video game for the ease of the reader:

People tend to suck at actually following through with things for a few key reasons:

1) Attack a bad guy that’s too powerful.  When you haven’t exercised in a decade and you sign yourself up for 10 miles of running every day, you’re going to fail miserably after two days.  If you decide you’re going to go from eating 6,000 calories of fast food per day to a diet of only vegetables overnight, you will probably gnaw your arm off.  You’re upping the difficulty WAY too much. Start small.

2) Attack too many bad guys at once.  When playing an RPG, don’t run up to that group of goblins and attack all of them at once; you’re going to get overwhelmed and get your ass kicked (Right, Leeroy?).  Instead, pick them off one by one by one and your chance of survival will jump approximately 132.33% (repeating of course).  This is why most New Years Resolution makers fail miserably within two weeks – they try to make twenty changes at once and quickly get overwhelmed.

3) Attack without recovering!  Anytime you get into a battle, you’re probably going to lose some health, that’s just how games work.  If you take the time to recover, your health will be back by the next battle.  However, if you fight ten battles in a row without any rest, you run into some trouble. The next battle might be against some super easy baddie, but could easily result in a game over! After spending all day taxing your body with work and difficult decisions, coming home and forcing your body to make habit changes is going to be incredibly difficult. Give your willpower points a chance to recharge.

I’ve just discovered the delightful Scathingly Brilliant. Her DIY section is particularly excellent!

Jennifer wrote an article called Hanging Out With People In Real Life Is Now Like Herding Cats. Cats That Suck. This is something that’s been at me for a while now. It seems like cancelling and flaking on plans is just a normal part of our society these days. It’s almost a surprise when plans don’t fall through, which is just so disappointing. My diagnosis is flippant plan-making. I say, be more discerning when making plans. Aim for integrity and honesty.  If you really don’t want to do whatever it is, and know you will end up cancelling, just don’t agree to it in the first place! I know I’d rather be the person who accepts fewer invitations, but attends 100% of the ones I do.

I’ve been enjoying a major Josh Pyke renaissance this week. I lost all my music when I bought my new computer, and subsequently didn’t listen to him for over a year! Needless to say, his music is just as delightful as when I last listened to it.

Do you have any awesome show and tells this week?

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